The negotiation of the NAFTA 2.0 Nov27

The negotiation of the NAFTA 2.0

  Four rounds of negotiations have passed between the representatives of Mexico, United States and Canada. Hard to believe, but nothing has been achieved thus far among the countries. The Mexican Government truly prefers the possibility of a cancellation instead of agreeing to terms and/or conditions that may affect the ...

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Contratos de Outsourcing Sep22

Contratos de Outsourcing

Las reglas para la subcontratación (outsourcing): ¿Requiere de un nuevo contrato de prestación de servicios independiente? Con los cambios que el Servicio de Administración Tributaria (SAT) ha hecho a estas prestaciones de servicios independientes, obliga tanto a los ...

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Registro de Marcas Aug10

Registro de Marcas

According with the Industrial Property Law, a trademark is “any visible sign by which products or services of others of the same species or class are distinguished in the market." In Mexico, the registration of trademarks before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property is not mandatory, however, it provides the owne...

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