At Toulet, Gottfried, Davila y Mártinez, we procure exploration and processing concessions for mining enterprises and assist clients in complying with periodic information obligations. We help them establish a Mexican corporate entity, permit, and contract the required land, procure either exploration or exploitation concessions, comply with periodic obligations from a tax, mining, environmental, labor and administrative perspectives, import required equipment and materials, and export finished product. We also assist contractors and suppliers to the mining industry, in their contracting, compliance and collection matters, as well as offering a complete list of legal and accounting services.

We understand the long list of complex issues that arise when a foreign entity chooses to pursue or expand their agent representation in the Mexican Marketplace. With that in mind, it is our goal to “Take the Guesswork out to Doing Business in Mexico” with a new Mining Agent Recruitment Program. This service is designed to save you time, money and effort by addressing the individual needs of each customer; we make it simple so you can avoid the hassles at a fraction of the cost.